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Patty Dinelli

A passionate cattle rancher from a small town along the California coast. Patty, along with her husband, Reno, dedicates her days to raising cattle, nurturing a thriving farm, and preserving a rich family legacy. With four grown children, nine grandchildren, and five beautiful great-grandchildren, Patty’s life is filled with the love and joy that family brings.

In addition to her agricultural pursuits, Patty finds solace in creative endeavors. Sewing, reading, and writing are her cherished pastimes. She expertly weaves intricate designs with a needle and thread, immerses herself in the world of literature, and has recently embarked on a new adventure as an author. “A Promise Fulfilled” marks Patty Dinelli’s debut novel, capturing the essence of her life experiences and showcasing her profound understanding of love, family, and the human spirit.

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Patty Dinelli


Patty Dinelli