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A Promise Fulfilled

It is 1843 when Sir Phillip Westley Sanduvale and his wife, Lady Elizabeth, set sail to America to take possession of twelve hundred acres in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, granted to them for serving the crown during the rebellion. Intent on creating a new life…

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Patty Dinelli

a passionate cattle rancher from a small town along the California coast. Patty, along with her husband, Reno, dedicates her days to raising cattle, nurturing a thriving farm, and preserving a rich family legacy.

With four grown children, nine grandchildren, and five beautiful great-grandchildren, Patty’s life is filled with the love and joy that family brings.

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Historical Romance Joins the Tucson Festival of Books

I don’t know where to begin or if I even can. All that has happened seems like so long ago, and yet it isn’t.”

Patty Dinelli’s A Promise Fulfilled is a captivating story of a young couple whose fate takes them on a journey of love, loss, and betrayal. The novel is set to appear in Bookmarc Alliance’s catalog for the Tucson Festival of Books slated for March 4-5 at the University of Arizona campus.